Can meditation boost your sexual desire?

Can meditation boost your sexual desire?

It is quite important to understand that sex begins in the mind and largely depends on the state of the mind for one to experience sexual arousal, enjoy sex and achieve orgasm. Whether you’re getting tiresome between the sheets or experiencing a sluggish libido it is simply because you not have the mental focus and mental power to handle it properly.

Meditation is a well-known technique that has been use for centuries to boost mental health and mental focus. However, the benefits off meditation are not only limited to an improvement mental well-being. In fact, the most profound benefit of meditation is its positive impact on libido. Although practicing meditation may elicit sexual arousal its overall impact on the mind and body offer physical and emotional well-being that creates a conducive environment for you to “easily perceive sensations and assume a good mood.”

The main physical benefit of meditation is its impact on the production of endorphins which are the natural painkillers produced by the body. Meditation is also known to excite the production of mood-regulating hormones, notably melatonin, dopamine and serotonin. All the three hormones herein are associated with good moods.

In a simplistic summary, meditation affects the capacity of your body and mind to relax. In return, you can stay focused and fully present to enjoy the moment. Thus, you overcome worrisome thoughts and indulge in what pleases you and the positive vibes it brings upon you. Generally when you are distracted it has to respond to sensual stimuli or relate to your partner positively and experience mutually positive emotional exchange.

Meditation is a powerful technique to learn the mastery of thoughts and positive emotions. Overall, it produces an overwhelming sense of calmness, one-ness and feelings of love. Meditation is such a heart-warming and comforting undertaking that greatly impacts one’s personal capacity to love and open up to giving and receiving. It frees the mind from constant worry, attachment to things, persons and places for you to experience the ultimate nature of the self.

Therefore, by adopting meditation you get rid of stress which is a major cause of poor sex desire, failing libido levels and overall interest in sex.