Can yoga give you good sex stamina?

Can yoga give you good sex stamina?

Yoga is a process of self discovery. It helps people become more aware of who they are through the techniques used that help balance, health and activate our dormant potential. Yoga helps us discover ourselves and feel connected. This brings self mastery and self realization.

Yoga involves continuous postures and breathing exercises carried out to achieve control of the entire body and mind by impacting deep breathing and flexibility of the body.

Sexual stamina is a person’s ability to hold on to sexual intercourse before they wear out. A high sexual stamina allows one to have sex for a long time without getting tired. One is also able to have sex in different positions that require added strength. However, if the sexual stamina is low one tends to get tired more easily and may not be able to maintain levels of arousal.

Sex and yoga are activities that give similar benefits. They both allow a great connection to self and others and both activities causes great joy to those involved in it. Research has proved that sex and yoga activities boosts the release of pleasure-giving hormones throughout the mind and body which help negate the effects of depression and weight gain. This chemical also enhances the immune system. Yoga also increases physical stamina hence prolongs sexual pleasure as discussed below.

Boosts stamina

It is such a put off to take a break during sex because the rhythm is lost for most people and sex becomes dull. Yoga uses techniques that help build stability and muscle control with deep breathing. Increased muscular stamina leads to prolonged sex between partners. One is also able to meet the demands of a healthy sex life.

Increases Endurance

Yoga helps one to master control of all the body parts including the pelvis and groin through the stimulation of the nervous system. Men who have premature ejaculations realize that after yoga lessons they are able to control muscles in the groin and pelvis. This helps to prolong their sexual performance. As for women they realize the ability to withstand some sex positions that seemed difficult in the past with much easier after the adopting yoga.

Enhances strength and stability

People who practice yoga are highly flexible and with great strength which comes as an added advantage should one wish to try different sexual positions. People who find some sex positions difficult may be surprised at how possible it is to do them after practicing yoga.

With the above named benefits people with low sex stamina should take yoga lessons to improve their sex life. This will boost their stamina, increase
endurance and enhance their strength and stability.