What to say to a stripper

What to say to a stripper

Strip clubs are like beauty galleries men flock them to enjoy the explicit beauty of women. However, very few guys really observe etiquette. They are either clueless on how to treat strippers or notoriously ignorant about it and disrespectful.

As entertainers, stripers are basically involved in strip dancing as a form of work and it is unfair to treat them otherwise. They are simply entertainers and although they show off their flesh, their divine performances should at least tell you they are skilled performers and a little respect goes along way. You should not treat them as prostitutes or dead-end girls for the nature of their work. They are simply here for you to enjoy their performance not to hear self-worship utterances or the explosion of your ego to assert your self-importance.

You should not say offensive things to a stripper or express gestures that suggest offensive connotations. Some guys go wild and inappropriately aggressive in strip clubs to the extent of showing their nether regions or pictures of them to the stripers. Trust you me no stripper will appreciate that. In fact, it is equal to sexual abuse if you do it. You will not get away with it nor will you attract any positive vibes from the performers. In fact, strip dancers are wary of such sexual suggestions and avoid you by all means. Being a stripper is not the same thing as a sex worker. A stripper is strictly in the strip club to perform routine dances, and get paid for it. A suggestion from you asking for sexual relations is simply offensive.

It is also improper to ask the stripper to kiss or lick you. You cannot also ask to rub or kiss the stripper, keep your feelings and impulses at bay. All you can get in a strip club is really a dance. The best of it all is private dance and of course that is it.

A strip club is not a dating site by any measure. If you feel attracted to a stripper, tip her appropriately and ask her for a private dance. However, you cannot ask them out on a date for you to withhold on tipping them. It is impolite to tell a stripper you do not tip yet you have enjoyed the dance and their company all along. Iit is just rude. Just the way you choose to tip or not in a regular hotel, you either tip or walk away in a strip club also. It is really crass to say that you do not tip to a stripper; it is courteous to just decline politely or just leave.

Strip club courtesy is quite overlooked and it is good to appreciate strippers like other professionals or workers to uphold their dignity as you interact with them.